I have always been interested in woodwork, after seeing what other master turners produced on their lathes I decided to pursue the art myself. I purchased my own lathe and started practicing, thanks to my high school woodworking teacher for giving me the basic knowledge and guidance. My passion for excellence has evolved into turning the very finest pens and other items on the lathe. I have found that this is my niche, and I want to make my creations more widely available by way of the Internet.

I truly put my soul into every unique item my chisel turns on the lathe. Every pen gets my total concentration and dedication to producing the very best possible. I have no assistants or production line – every pen is made by me, one at a time, however long it takes to get it right.

My joy comes at the end of the process when the true nature of the exotic woods and other specialty materials are finally revealed and polished. I want to share their beauty with you, as you enjoy their functionality every day.

I try to make something for every taste and need. If you don’t see what you want – just ask!

“One good turn deserve another” – Brian Schreiber


Hard At Work

Quality Workmanship

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